“Donald Trump’s hair should not be.”

Molly CrabappleThat’s the opening sentence of a piece by Molly Crabapple for Vice. She was in Dubai to learn about the situation of workers in the world’s richest city. There, she met The Donald at a media briefing for the Trump International Golf Course. There, she took the opportunity to ask a real question. Which, as she notes, in the Emirates can land you in jail.

Molly is to me the contemporary Heiress to the Throne of Gonzo. Hunter S Thompson and Ralph Steadman, sans the machismo.

You should go over there, read the article and see the art.


Sirens of the Lambs


This is a major overhaul of an earlier post. There’s a bit more to say about it.

Street art megastar Banksy has been busy around New York this month.
There’s an overview of what he’s been up to at banksyny.com.

I love this piece. Then, there was the market stall where you could buy an original Banksy stencil print for $60. It turned over 420 (sic) bucks. That’s a good day selling art on the street even while the Art-with-a-capital-A world hugs you to death.

Molly Crabapple, another artist I admire, wrote this recommended read about Banksy’s stay in New York.