Good news from Reverend Billy

I received this message by email:

Today, Earthalujah! we celebrate a victory — with an improbable turn of events.  The New York District Attorney dropped charges of Riot and Menacing against me and Nehemiah. We still face charges of Trespass, but the threat of one year jail is gone. Upon viewing the actual evidence, the District Attorney decided our “Riot” is actually a “Musical Presentation.”  Well, the extinct Golden Toads who sang inside Chase that day…we are touched.

Our legal struggle continues. Our attorneys filed motions to dismiss all the Trespass charges in the interest of justice. Our next hearing is on February 27th, 2014.

Many of you gave money and signed the petition, which was presented in court today.  You are climate activists with us.  Our New Year’s resolution to you, ourselves and our children (not to mention the life forms all around us) is to defend our First Amendment rights and expand our Earth Cry throughout the land.

Earthalujah! Thanks for supporting the petition, if you did.

If you still have some money to spare in these hard times, please consider funding the good Reverend’s good works. Thank you.

Here’s a registration of the choir’s Christmas party. Happy whatever you may be celebrating this time of year.


A word from Charles Stross

Charlie Stross, a favorite writer of mine, posted this epic trollbait over at Antipope.org:

1. Justice is a religious cult.
2. Law is holy scripture.
3. Judges are priests.
4. Judicial capital punishment is human sacrifice.

Further down his post, he notes three corrolaries, and ends on this note:

1. Justice-as-religion implies a seat of absolute authority from which judgements may be passed—naively, a God (or goddess, or symbol) of justice. (In reality, it’s a shared human cognitive process: the natural non-human world has no justice mechanism. But human-centric processes are, well, human-centric.)
2. Anarchism is hated and loathed by the followers of the Cult of Justice because it occupies a role equivalent to Atheism in the context of religions: it’s corrosive of certainty, and a large subset of humanity simply can’t cope with uncertainty.
3. Governments embody mechanisms for creating and enforcing laws. It follows that all governments are theocracies.

Discuss point (3).

A quite interesting comment thread ensued.


Historia Discordia


Adam Gorightly, aka the Wrong Reverend Houdini Kundalini of the Church of Unwavering Indifference, is historian and archivist of the Discordian irreligion. He just started a new website about the history of the Discordian Society. It’s called Historia Discordia.

For now, it opens with a timeline of Kerry Thornley’s life in the wrong place at the wrong time. What to make of the connection with the JFK assassination, I have no idea. Fifty years on and that whole business still could mean pretty much anything.

It wasn’t me, honest. I was a wee Roman Catholic baby back then.


Reverend Billy needs your help!

Reverend Billy Talen of the Church of Stop Shopping, preacher for the Earth and a living saint of the Mystic Order of the Black Sheep, is looking at a year in prison for “Riot, Menace and Unlawful Assembly” after a Extinction Resurrection for the Golden Toads at a Chase bank in Manhattan. That is, for singing. The leader of the Stop Shopping Choir, Nehemiah Luckett, faces the same charges.

Here’s the good Reverend’s message at the website of the Church.

In other news, the US Justice Department lets JPMorgan Chase & Co off the hook for the humongous mortgage fraud that toppled the world economy in 2008.

What you can do for Nehemiah and the Rev is sign this petition at change.org. Thank you.