What’s this?

The Mystic Order of the Black Sheep is just another little Discordian temple. To bring across what that’s supposed to mean, I better give you some background on the Discordian religion. Not to try and convince you of anything, mind you. Like what you believe should be any of my business.

The deity Discordians choose to venerate is Eris, goddess of Chaos, Confusion, Discord, Bureaucracy and International Relations – what I would call the five aggregation states or five elements of Chaos.

Discordianism is an elaborate joke disguised as a religion, or a religion disguised as an elaborate joke. Or  both. Or neither. Whatever. Speaking for myself, a religion without a sense of humor is not much of a religion, and what a religion with a sense of humor is, I have no idea.

Discordianism is not a religion built on any certitude whatsoever. Legend has it that it was founded in a bowling alley in Pasadena by Malaclypse the Younger, Ho Chi Zen, Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, Kerry Thornley and Greg Hill. These were the compilers of the holy scripture, the Principia Discordia. It can be found all over the Web, in slightly divergent versions. Here’s one out of many.

Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson later contributed a bunch to the dissemination and the theology of Discordianism with their Illuminatus Trilogy (some excerpts here). Wilson, aka Pope Bob, appointed pretty much anyone he met as a Discordian Pope. Thanks, Bob. So, since he seems to have left Planet Earth, I refer to him as Saint Bob. He pontificated me, so I can sanctify him. It’s only fair turnaround. By the way: spectacles, testicles, brandy, cigars, you are now a Pope, if you weren’t already. There is no higher religious authority than you. You’re infallible and free to get your own cult started and make it all up as you go along, as cults do. If you need reassurance, it may be helpful to you to print this ancient Pope Card and carry it with you, or make up your own.


Saint Bob lectured a lot. Great fun to be had on Youtube. Here’s a personal favorite:

the minimum requirement for joining the Mystic Order of the Black Sheep is that you take the Vow of Levity.

I solemnly pronounce
that I shall never again
take anything or anybody seriously,
least of all myself.

Make that the last thing in you life that you do in bloody earnest, then stick to it, and you will find that the implications are profound. You may regain power from the stuff running around your brain. Not that you will have control over it, or that it will run around your brain any slower. It won’t. You just stop taking it seriously.

Then again, why would you want to join the Mystic Order of the Black Sheep? You’re the damn Pope and you can start your own damn cult right now, without anybody’s permission. So you don’t need to buy into my or anybody else’s BS. You’re good to go.

Your Pope,


Bleat away!

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