This a special bulletin from The Juice Rap News helps to put the World Cup in context.
If you like it, there’s more where that came from. These guys have been at it since 2006. The previous one about Net Neutrality is a hoot.


“Donald Trump’s hair should not be.”

Molly CrabappleThat’s the opening sentence of a piece by Molly Crabapple for Vice. She was in Dubai to learn about the situation of workers in the world’s richest city. There, she met The Donald at a media briefing for the Trump International Golf Course. There, she took the opportunity to ask a real question. Which, as she notes, in the Emirates can land you in jail.

Molly is to me the contemporary Heiress to the Throne of Gonzo. Hunter S Thompson and Ralph Steadman, sans the machismo.

You should go over there, read the article and see the art.


One time offer for all our space alien friends

The new Pope of the Church of Rome has said, when asked about it, that he would allow space aliens to be baptised and become member of the Church. So, here at the Mystic Order of the Black Sheep, the first thought that comes up is, can we top that? One-upmanship is a Discordian core value, after all.

Hell yeah, we can! We’re no speciesists, and in the spirit of Saint Bob, we’re willing to offer the papacy to anything sentient from anywhere in this universe or any other.

Why would we? for TEH LULZ. To see the Papacy spread across the Multiverse like smallpox across Turtle Island after the Spanish invasion would be too funny.

Now, there must be a catch, right? Yes, there is. As a Pope, you are the highest spiritual authority. That is, you can turn to no one for spiritual guidance. You must understand that first.

If you’re a baddie, you may try and convince others of your spiritual authority. Good luck with that. Alternately, you may pontificate any sentient being.

Whoever or whatever you are, you can become Pope of the Mystic Order of the Black Sheep by asserting your Papacy in the comment thread. If you do, however, I will have to excommunicate you immediately, because the one thing I can’t abide is anyone else’s spiritual authority. You found your own goddamn church.



Can punching a nerd be a good thing?


Douglas Rushkoff is a nice guy and a bright philosopher, or media theorist as he puts it. His thinking is always a couple of years ahead of the curve. If you’re not familiar with his work, this solo performance for Dutch TV will bring you up to speed with his current thinking. It’s worth your time, I think.

Doug put this post up on his blog this week. He took issue at a joke by comedian Joel McHale. Quote:

“America still has amazing technological innovations. Google Glass has hit the markets. Now, just by walking down the street, we’ll know exactly who to punch in the face.”

[T]he notion, even expressed jokingly, of punching people in the face for wearing Google Glass — as if the device somehow signals a traitor to the cause of humanity — pushes things over the top. Yes, we can all imagine how people wearing an augmented reality device might be annoying: They can surf the Web while pretending to converse with us or, worse, record us when we don’t know it. No sooner had the very first prototypes been spotted last year than TechCrunch reported a new, purely apprehensive moniker for its wearers: Glassholes. But it’s as if the public is now being primed to go after early adopters — almost to a point where one might be reluctant to put on the device.

Doug, I love you man, I even agree with you most of the time. But not today. I think there’s a point you’re missing.

Google Glass is a device that has a mic, a camera, GPS, wireless connectivity, and a closed OS. That last point means that the wearer does not know what it does when, and why. It’s a surveillance device that one volunteers to have sitting on one’s face.

Wearing Google Glass is how one puts one’s contempt of one’s own privacy, and liberty, and that of everyone who enters one’s field of vision, on proud display. That includes me, as soon as the fucker enters my field of vision. So, it does indeed signal a traitor to the cause of humanity. Now I’m a gentle soul, and I can abstain from punching the fucker in the kisser, probably. Better smile while you’re on camera. But I will take it personally, and I certainly won’t talk to the fucker till he puts the damn thing away.


David Graeber: BoE let the cat out of the bag


The Bank of England just put out a pdf called Money creation in the modern economy. It details how the sausage gets made, and that’s nothing like what you learned in economy class – it’s not called “economy class” for nothing.

David Graeber, the writer of the essential Debt: The First 5000 Years, took note. Here’s his column at The Guardian.