This a special bulletin from The Juice Rap News helps to put the World Cup in context.
If you like it, there’s more where that came from. These guys have been at it since 2006. The previous one about Net Neutrality is a hoot.


“Donald Trump’s hair should not be.”

Molly CrabappleThat’s the opening sentence of a piece by Molly Crabapple for Vice. She was in Dubai to learn about the situation of workers in the world’s richest city. There, she met The Donald at a media briefing for the Trump International Golf Course. There, she took the opportunity to ask a real question. Which, as she notes, in the Emirates can land you in jail.

Molly is to me the contemporary Heiress to the Throne of Gonzo. Hunter S Thompson and Ralph Steadman, sans the machismo.

You should go over there, read the article and see the art.